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Why Should I Shadowbox?


In gyms that offer boxing or kickboxing classes, we see some professional boxers or boxing enthusiasts throw some punches in the air. We often wonder, “is this even necessary?”, “What is the point of throwing punches in the air without force?”, “Isn’t boxing supposed to develop strength in punches and not merely just punching the “air”?”, “ I’m not a boxer, why should I even bother to do this? I just want to proceed to doing punch mitts with the coach or I just want to punch the bag instead.” Well, that is unfortunately the common misconception of most people and we are here to explain to you why “punching the air”, or as commonly known as “SHADOW BOXING” is very important and why it is an essential part of boxing.

Form Over Strength

So, what IS shadowboxing? Shadowboxing by definition is an exercise used in training for combat sports. It is practiced to prepare the muscles before the training engages in stronger physical activity. This gives us a solid answer to our questions stated earlier. Shadowboxing allows us correct our forms before we throw harder punches or focus on strength. If you disregard the proper form or proper stance, chances are you’re going to get injured, and trust me, nobody wants that.

All gyms are temporarily closed to prevent virus spread from pandemic : Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

If not all, then most of us, who are not frontliners, are staying at home under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to this unwanted pandemic called Covid-19 (Coronavirus). One of the best ways to fight this virus is by boosting your immune system and yes, you got it right! Exercising is one of the cheapest ways to boost your immune system. And by cheapest, I mean, being able to workout at home, repeatedly climb your staircase, do some core exercises, push –ups, use your creativity and you name it! It does not mean you “temporarily” stop working out since all gyms are “temporarily closed”. Look for motivation and get ready to show the world the best version of you.

Too shy to do it in public? Go on and give it a try at home.

Most of the time, we secretly want to give it a try when we see some people do shadow boxing, but end up being too shy to do so in public (especially for some beginners). Well, now is the perfect time to give it a try. You don’t need so much space just enough to be able to stretch your arms properly and space for a bit of footwork for your stance. Mirror is optional as this can help you take a look at your punches and correct them. You can even record yourself through your phone and look for which areas you need to improve on. You can start slow and gradually increase your workout to a fast-paced speed.

Having the right goal in mind

We all want to be skilled at something (often times we want it the quick way), but we have to make sure that we have the right goal in mind. Keep in mind that successful people all started from scratch, same goes to boxing enthusiasts. For some, they just want to be fit and enjoy boxing at the same time. In order to do so, first, you must discipline your mind and keep yourself motivated and focused on your goal.
Shadowboxing may seem boring at first, but once you get the perfect rhythm, speed, and proper footwork, you can go on and start focusing on your strength, power, and endurance. Being able to master your forms, will definitely give you an overall boxing experience.

Can I lose weight by shadow boxing?

Yes! You can lose weight by including shadowboxing in your exercise routine. You can burn more calories by adding footwork to your punches, by moving forward, backward and sideways. You may also use some defense techniques by pretending to avoid an opponent’s punch. You may do this by slipping, weaving, squatting or ducking with continuous foot and arm movement. Just like that, with basic knowledge of punching techniques and footwork, you can create your own shadow boxing workout to aid in your weight loss journey.

Do it correctly and make it count.

If you are able to convince yourself to get on your feet and throw some punches in the air, make sure you do it correctly and make your efforts count! Aside from getting the best version of yourself, you will definitely be surprised of all the benefits you can get out of shadowboxing.

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