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Are you worried about getting infected from this so called virus - Covid-19 (Coronavirus)? Are you the “chosen one” in the family to go out and buy basic essentials? Are you one of those people who have a higher risk of getting infected? Or are you living with people who are at high risk of getting infected and worry you bring it home? By high risk, I mean, those with pre-existing medical conditions (having high blood pressure or diabetes to name a few), senior citizens, or pregnant.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then all the more you should take very good care of yourself and your loved ones.

We are now more conscious about observing proper hygiene, we religiously take vitamins too. Aside from these usual practices, we should also remember to engage in physical activities to help boost our immune system and lower the risk of getting the virus.

Let's admit it, the new normal lifestyle we are living in now can be quite unhealthy. Since we are stuck at home, we stay in bed longer, lounge on the couch, watch Netflix and constantly snack on everything in the refrigerator when we’re bored. Now that “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” novelty shirt can make more sense now! For those who work for a company that permits them to work from home, consider yourself blessed as you will have less chances of getting infected. But the downside to that is the fact that you’re working from home, you are more inactive now than ever. Working from home has eliminated a partial active routine as when you would work in your offices. You would usually get up and prepare for work, commute to work, walk a few miles, take a few flights up the stairs, stand and talk over coffee with your officemates during breaks. Little did you know, this very small portion of inactivity in a day can make a very big impact on your health. Working from home, you sit down for 8 hours, sometimes lay down and slack off a bit (ssshhh… your boss will never know) and on your time offs, your only friend is the television or your cell phone.

We are all afraid to catch this virus so we stay home most of the time, but we also have to keep in mind that inactivity can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses.

The World Health Organization advises us to be physically active during this pandemic and this requires 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise in a week. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and various cancers. It can also reduce high blood pressure and manage weight. It can also strengthen our bones and muscles. For the young ones it will help reduce the risk of disease later in life.

Exercise does not improve our physical health but also our mental health. Depression cases might spike up during this pandemic. Being worried too much about the current situation, and overthinking about the future will not help make the situation better. It would be best if you focus all your efforts on your health instead and the rest will follow. The good side about exercising not just about looking good but feeling good at the end of the day. So, after reading all the negative news, put down your phone and start exercising. Inspire people to exercise during this pandemic and be a standout when this all ends.

It is really a challenge for us right now to do physical activities because of the restrictions like going out for a jog, to walk and go to the gym. It is the time to be creative, you can still work out at home, all you need is a small area enough for you to lay down and stretch. If you are already into fitness, don’t let this pandemic make you go back from scratch. It will be hard for you to start again if you will just sit and wait until the gym or all activities are back to normal. If you are one of the many people who doesn’t take fitness as an essential part of our daily life, it is the time to start. If there is no control over this pandemic, then surely in this world it will be just survival of the fittest.

If you are still not convinced, I suggest that you watch a zombie movie, evaluate yourself. Do you think you will survive? Do you have enough cardio to run away (e.g. Zombies from World War Z)? Do you have a stomach for eating less or still craving for milk tea with 100% sugar? (nothing against milk tea, it's the sugar (LOL)) Do you have the strength to wrestle zombies trying to eat you? So assess yourself right now. Don’t wait for the worst to happen. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

While frontliners are doing their part in saving the world from this pandemic, we should also play a part by staying at home and practicing a healthy lifestyle. It is without a doubt that this has caused people to panic and worry, especially those who are exposed to the outside world and those who have high risks of getting infected by this virus. Aside from those who need to go out to buy basic essentials, some of us are permitted to work from home while some of us are required to continue to work as usual in our respective companies.

The only way to lessen the chances of getting infected by the Coronavirus, or any virus to that matter is to take good care of yourself. Aside from observing proper hygiene, taking vitamins, and eating healthy, engaging in physical activities will help lower the risk of getting the virus.

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