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Tactical Fitness Center (TFC) started off by merely just being a hobby of the owner Alan G. Ricardo. Being a full time engineer by day, and a martial artist and fitness advocate by night, Alan found joy and fulfillment in being able to share his skills and talents to his colleagues who were very much interested and who also had the same health and fitness goals. As his “students” began to increase in number, he then decided to open up his own fitness center which opened last June 2014.

TFC offers a variety of classes that promotes having a healthy lifestyle. It guarantees enjoyment in every exercise through the interaction of coaches with the clients through the services it provides. CIRCUIT TRAINING, KICKBOXING and BOXING were the classes offered by TFC on its first year of operation. As the second year came by, TFC further diversified, adding more classes such as: YOGA, ZUMBA, SUSPENSION TRAINING, and BOOT CAMP ACTIVITIES, to be able to cater to the different interests of its growing number members.

Tactical Fitness Center goes by the line “Make fitness a way of life rather than simply a destination”, focusing on convincing and encouraging people not to just work out with an end target of looking good but to work out with the purpose of feeling good inside and out. With a starting rate of Php 150 per session and a monthly rate of Php 1,000 with no membership fee or binding fees needed, makes it very reasonably priced for people who would like to give fitness a shot. TFC is strategically based in location at one of the busiest cities in Cebu - Cebu City. Tactical Fitness aims to promote health and fitness to all within reach at a very affordable price, making it possible for all to make fitness a way of life rather than simply a destination.


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