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GPC Showed us what it's truly like to be a HERO through FITNESS and EXERCISE

Mini Bootcamp Special 
with Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu 
powered by Tactical Fitness Center

Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu is on for the search of the "New Modern Day Hero" and is the first formal pageant to scout for a representative of Cebu for the upcoming National Pageant (Ginoong Pilipinas) which will be held on October.

Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu 2019 had one of their pre-pageant activities to search for the new modern day hero in a form of a physical activity. The candidates showed off their strength and dedication through a Mini Boot Camp Special powered by Tactical Fitness Center. This boot camp activity was held in the Mandaue Branch of Tactical Fitness Center last August 31,2019.

The boot camp activity started with a warm up exercise and stretching routines to get the boys ready and pumped up. Followed by two sets of exercises (indoor and outdoor) headed by coach Alan and assisted by the other coaches of Tactical Fitness Center.

These Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu candidates showed us what it's truly like to be a hero through fitness and exercise. Let me tell you about some characteristics of a hero. Heros are courageous, skilled, sacrificial and destined.

When the exercises were introduced to them, they were very much willing to face the challenges and were very determined to keep pushing forward. 

Every hero has a certain skill that makes it possible for them to face the obstacles (in this case, literally) and use these skills in order to succeed.

There might be a point of a hero's life where they think of giving up - but the candidates sacrificed every sweat because they wanted to prove not only to the people but most importantly to themselves that they can accomplish what they started.

Lastly, they are destined, destined to be candidates of Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu. These boys showed their pride and honour by joining this prestigious pageant. They are very dedicated to win the title and represent Cebu for the National Pageant.

Support these aspiring modern day heros and hear out their advocacies on the 28th of September 2019. Get your tickets through their official Facebook page : - now!

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