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Vi Xen "Making excuses burns zero calories...."

Making excuses burns zero calories per hour.

I used to be very contented with how I look before at 130 pounds. I had a friend who always eats with me, who keeps telling me that I am sexy. I was tricked by his strategy (lol).

I decided to keep my sanity with me, not letting some tricks and strategies to rule over me.

Last November, I found the best place to be. Here, I am not living in someone's trick and strategy but its me making my own strategies. Being here, becomes part of my weekly routine. The more that I get stressed at work, the more that I would want to sweat out. I would want to stop but I could not. Kung bisyo mn gane ni, then Im proud to claim that mao ni akong bisyu (char). Im not doing this to lose weight, to be "sexy". . It was, is, and will never be my goal. I am enjoying, loving what Im doing. And that creates a very big difference on everyone's mental dispo about gyming.

Here I am now- feeling happy, pretty, and sexy at 105 pounds.
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