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Rodney Gandionco "being an athlete during high school.."

Being an athlete during high school and college days, I was physically active and fit. After graduation I started my career as a hotelier, my schedule was not fixed and I was so busy and passionate about my job that I forgot to work-out and then I gained a lot of weight.

When I noticed about my body gaining weight, I started to work-out on my own. During my free time, I do jogging and some do-it-yourself exercises to lose weight. The determination was there, but I felt something was lacking. I did my best on my own but I felt it was not good enough.

I was so disappointed about myself and I lost self esteem. I felt so depressed and I was so desperate to get fit again. I had to let my feelings out and posted quotes on facebook, then a good friend of mine read my posts and recommended Tactical Fitness Gym.

I enrolled last December 2014 to prevent the holiday belly that I'm going to have during the yuletide season. I was so happy with the result so I enrolled again for the next month and I continue going there until now. I continue the program and do the training with the help of friendly, funny, determined and warrior-like coaches. The result is really good and I am completely satisfied. I gained back my confidence and I just feel so good inside and out.

If you really want to be physically fit, then you have to make it as your goal. You should have the determination and eagerness to do the work-outs, be committed in going to the gym and have a healthy lifestyle. Then you will be fascinated with the result. The next time you'll step onto the weighing scale you'll be surprised of what you have achieved and it will make your day.

Thank you Tactical Fitness!
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